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5 Years Old & Looking Good!

The 11th March 2018 marks 5 years since Dave (still Husband of the Year and our Studio Facilities Manager) and I took on the Studio. Time certainly flies when you’re having fun.

To celebrate this fact we upgraded some of our facilities, received a gift from the Whittlesford Society, and prepared ourselves to entertain a very special guest. Here’s the run down…

Regular users of the Studio will be familiar with the supremely functional plumbing in the kitchen that looked like it could have been there when the building was still a primary school in the 1800s. Well that’s gone!

Thanks to my dear son Graham and Dave (my husband, business partner, official lumberjack, Facilities Manager and basically my anything-needed-to-keep-the-studio-running-that-does-not-relate-to-art guy), the Studio has had some upgrades that make us walk a little bit taller every morning as we enter.

The kitchen now boasts hot and cold running water and there isn’t an unsightly water heater in sight!

The studio floor has been sanded and varnished to within an inch of its’ life and now looks stunning!

So by the time the Whittlesford Society presented us with a poster titled ‘Whittlesford Today’ along with a collection of booklets for the studio library we were feeling pretty special.

Feel free to pop in to see the poster, read the booklets, and learn a bit more about this beautiful village that has become our creative home. After the poster presentation, we toasted Whittlesford and the Studio with a bottle of bubbly. I then gave a short talk about the Studio, with inserts from Dave, including all its’ highs and lows!

As most of you know the Studio gets its’ name from the fact that it is now housed in a building that was an old Victorian village school and the Studio now sits where the old school hall would have been. That is why it seemed so fitting to celebrate our 5th anniversary of teaching art in this space with someone who taught here long before us. Yes, our special guest was former school teacher Mrs Peg Simmonds who is now 101 years old!

Unfortunately Mrs Simmonds was not well enough to attend, but we’ve been assured that she will visit sometime soon. Wishing you a speedy recovery dear lady! We hope you know that you are welcome to visit us whenever you feel up to it.

In the meantime, come visit The Old School Studio and feel inspired to create art and explore history.

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