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Husband of the Year!


David Pettifer, The Old School Studio's Husband of the Year!

David Pettifer, The Old School Studio’s Husband of the Year!

I’ve been remiss.
In fact, I’ve been downright disrespectful.


The Studio’s 1-year anniversary is fast approaching and I’ve all but ignored one of the most important people behind its success, behind my success.


The saying might be “behind every great man there’s a great” but for me? Behind this great woman there is one very thoughtful, supportive, helpful, generous, loving, intelligent husband without whom the Old School Studio would grind to a halt.


David Pettifer, I award you the Old School Studio’s “Husband of the Year” title. I have a feeling you’ll be winning it every year!


Dave 1


Dave is my maintenance man, fire man, moral support, lumber jack, financial back-up, extra pair of hands, driver, work-life balancer, restoration expert, informal business partner, sounding board, personal shopper, dinner service, furniture finder, security officer, problem spotter and problem solver. And that’s just the stuff he does at the Studio!

Dave 4Without you Dave, there would be no wood to burn in winter, no tables to sit at, no chairs, no book shelves to load up, no maintenance above the 6-foot mark (me standing on a chair), no lock on the door, no side tables to rest my paint, no planning chest (God forbid!), no fairy god-wizard of the purse strings, no one to help me cart all my art stuff about (have you ever lifted a drawer-full of inks? Phew!), no one to save some of the precious old parts of this building and restore its charm (love my sink, porch light, etc), no one to help move around my paintings when I fancy a reshuffle, no one to… well you get the picture!


So help me raise a virtual toast to the No.1 Husband for the Studio Year 2013/14 because ladies and gents, this is the man that keeps things running ever so smoothly at the Old School Studio.


Dave, honey…you’re the best!


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